Does Your Company Pay The Producer?

Most network marketers have never been posed this question… and if they were, the answer would be a big fat NO.  This is one of the things about network marketing compensation plans that don’t make any sense.

What successful business model do you know of that doesn’t pay the producer?  NONE!

This is another reason why network marketers fail in the industry in the masses.  The comp plans aren’t set up for success.  The plans are set up for the 20% and in no way shape or form do they keep the 80%’ers in mind.  Remember… it’s all about the 80’s!

Check out today’s video as we really get into this topic…

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Wow… heavy info, wouldn’t you say?

It’s important to be involved in a company that pays the producer.  This is one of the things that keep the 80%’ers on board and continuing to build the business.  Not too many people can stay building for too long without getting paid, hence another reason why there is no lifelong residual income being created.

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If you’re in a company that doesn’t pay the producer and you’re tired of not making the money you deserve, give us a call as we’re in an opportunity where the people at the bottom who are just coming in get paid… and well!

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