Why MLM Doesn’t Work…And Why It Never Will

Because MLM Doesn’t Work… It’s Destroyed Many Lives!

You might disagree with the title of this post… but after watching the video below we think you’ll agree with us that MLM doesn’t work, and that it never will.  The MLM business model has destroyed more lives, resulted in more marriages ending in divorce and cause more debt than any other business model on the planet!

It’s no secret that MLM doesn’t work, just Google “MLM Horror Stories” or “MLM Nightmares” and see for yourself.  The business model has some major faults that stop it from fulfilling on the industry promise of creating lifelong residual income for the masses.  It lures so many in due to the smoke and mirrors… the lifestyle pitches, the rah-rah, etc.

If you’ve read my story, you’ll see I can personally speak from experience.  I was involved with an MLM company for 11 years, starting at the age of 17.  I made A LOT of income with that company over those 11 years, it just wasn’t lifelong residual income like the industry promises.

Why MLM Doesn’t Work…

The #1 reason why people join this industry is for residual income… but if you look at most people’s business reports in MLM that have put up some decent numbers (most of them will not show you the real numbers), usually the masses stop ordering 30, 60 or 90 days after starting.  Residual means long term… and I don’t consider a few months of ordering long term.

After the 11 years I had over 5,000 people on that business report, but only a few dozenwere even placing an order… and the majority of them were only placing and order to remain active to be eligible to earn a commission.  Because of this, I lost my house so I can truly speak from a place of posture when I share this information.  It was a beautiful million dollar waterfront home in Long Island, New York that I bought when I was just 21 years old.

Watch the video that we put together that explains WHY MLM doesn’t work…


We Figured Out Why MLM Doesn’t Work…

We’ve figured out why MLM doesn’t work… and we’ve figured out a solution.  We’ve found a business model that DOES produce lifelong residual income for the masses.  A business model where nobody is getting hurt and nobody is losing money.

It’s been a blessing… 5 years ago I started and I now have thousands of people on my business report that order consistently.  I’m now enjoying true lifelong residual income because of our 95% month-to-month re-order rate.  We’ve been able to help so many that have been burned by the MLM business model.  Top industry leaders have joined us in business because they’re tired of building something, only to have it fall apart.

If you’re interested in finding out about our business model, get the details on how you can partner with us.

We’ve had an overwhelming response to the information on this blog, so contact us now to find out what all of this momentum we’re experiencing could mean for you.  If you agree with us that MLM doesn’t work, you need to call us.

Yours In Success,

This post was written by Jason Fisher and Eric Goldstein of TimeandFreedom.com.

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