Is Your MLM Company Hurting Anyone?

Most people never think about this question… but the sad truth is MANY people are getting hurt.

More lives have been destroyed, more marriages have resulted in divorce, more people have gone into debt due to the MLM business model compared to any other business model on the planet.  That’s a very bold statement, but very true.

Don’t believe us, just Google the phrase ‘MLM Horror Stories” and take a peek at the search results… it’s pretty scary.  It’s filled with story after story of people who believed in the industry promise of lifelong residual income, but it wasn’t delivered due to the faults in the MLM business model.

Here are some emails that have been personally sent to us…


Having a lot of risk is one of the main reasons why network marketers fail

As we’ve spoke about in many other posts, the “12 Success Factors” is deemed by top industry leaders to be the checklist that you need in a company to create lifelong residual income.  This checklist has literally changed many people’s lives in this industry who have been struggling.

Having NO RISK is one of the “12 Success Factors”.  This checklist was designed around the masses, the 80%’ers.  It was created with them in mind.  Most of the companies out there don’t keep the 80′s in mind.

If you’re in a company now, I’d recommend printing out a copy of the “12 Success Factors” andline up your company next to them to see if it aligns will ALL of them.  If the company is missing ANY of these factors, you really have to ask yourself if you’re willing to invest your time, energy and reputation behind it.

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