Having A Low Personal Production Requirement In Network Marketing Is Crucial!

The majority of Network Marketing companies miss the boat BIG TIME on this Success Factor!

We always have to remind ourselves WHY we joined this industry.  It was for the lifelongresidual income… that was the main attraction.  Most people forget about that.  If we want to create LIFELONG residual income, then we need a high customer reorder rate.

In order to make this happen there MUST be a low personal production requirement.  Most Network Marketing companies are changing people’s budgets to the tune of $100-$300+ per month… and it’s in products/services that the masses never bought before.

We shot a video to really break down this Success Factors.  It’s a very important one and most companies violate it!

Watch the video now…

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Not having a low personal production requirement is one of the main reasons why network marketers fail.  This is one of the “12 Success Factors”… the checklist that many top industry leaders have used to decide if a company can fulfill on the promise of lifelong residual income.

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Written by Jason Fisher & Eric Goldstein of TimeandFreedom.com

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