Low Attrition Is KEY When Building A Successful Network Marketing Business…

Sounds like a no brainer since the main reason we join this industry is to create lifelong residual income, right?

Low attrition and residual income go hand in hand.  If people are not staying in the masses and consistently ordering over time, then the business is not residual.  Residual income is when you open an account today and that customer orders month after month for years to come.

In one of our previous posts we spoke about having a high customer reorder rate… this one of the main pieces of the puzzle that create the low attrition.  Most people in this industry are playing the ‘replacement game‘.  They’re constantly replacing the masses of people that are leaving with new people.  Think about that for a moment… could it ever truly be residual then?

Low attrition is another one of the “12 Success Factors“.  Again, this is the checklist that has been created by top industry leaders to determine if a company has the ability to fulfill on the promise of lifelong residual income.

We created a video about this topic, watch it now…

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Not having low attrition is one of the biggest reasons why network marketers fail.  It’s the “12 Success Factors” that all the other factors help to create.  If you’re in a company now, I’d recommend printing out a copy of the “12 Success Factors” and line up your company next to them to see if it aligns will ALL of them.  If the company is missing ANY of these factors, you really have to ask yourself if you’re willing to invest your time, energy and reputation behind it.

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