Is Monavie A Scam?

monavieIn this Monavie review we’re going to dig into the business model and we’ll uncover the answer to the big question, Is Monavie A Scam?  We will also talk about why Black Diamonds, Hawaiian Blue Diamonds and Diamonds have left the company.  It makes perfect sense to us, as I’m sure it will to you as well after watching our Monavie review video.

Monavie Review: Why Do People Join Monavie?

If you ask people why they join Monavie, there are 2 main reasons.  People join to own their own business outside of traditional type businesses.  They don’t want the headaches of overhead, employees and all the stuff that comes along with regular businesses.

The 2nd reason is to earn lifelong residual income.  This is what attracts the majority of people to this opportunity and the MLM industry.  The dream of residual income is what is being pitched to get people to join Monavie.  This is the main driving force behind people joining the company.

Is Monavie A Scam?  Let’s Dig Into The Business Model…

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Amway, Arbonne or Herbalife… it’s all about numbers.  Numbers equal orders.  Whoever has the most numbers on the board ordering long term, creates residual income.  That’s just plain common sense.  Well if you take a look at the business, people don’t stay ordering the juice long-term.  This is a big problem with the Monavie business.

It’s a silly question, but how can you possibly create lifelong residual income if the majority of the people stop ordering the juice long-term?  You can’t… and that’s why Black Diamonds, Hawaiian Blue Diamonds and others in the company have left.  This is why people are asking the question “Is Monavie a scam?”

When you start asking people to purchase things they never bought before, at prices that don’t complete in the REAL marketing place, the stores that everyone is already shopping at… you will never create lifelong residual income, period, end of story!

We cover what we just spoke about and much more in the video below.  If you’re in this juice company, or you’re researching the company to see if you should join, this may be one of the most important videos that you ever watch!

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If the information about why Monavie can’t create residual income made a lot of sense to you, and you want to find out the business model that we chose, that is not MLM… then enter your information below.  It’s literally changed our lives and the lives of so many that have partnered up with us.

There’s been an overwhelming response to this information, and we’ve finally given some clear answers to the question Is Monavie a Scam.

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