To Create Lifelong Residual Income… You Need A HIGH Customer Reorder Rate

Are you in this to create LIFELONG RESIDUAL income?

If you are, like the masses are… then you NEED to have a high customer reorder rate.  It makes sense right?  When you think about it, it does… but you see so many people getting involved in businesses where people don’t order long term.  We dig a lot deeper into this important topic in this video.

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If you’re currently involved with a network marketing company right now, you need to need to find out if your there is a high customer reorder rate… including customers & distributors!  If the answer is ‘no’, then you have to make an educated business decision for yourself and leave that company.  You will never create lifelong residual income if people don’t keep ordering… pretty simple concept to grasp.

Your company’s not having a high customer reorder rate is one of the main reasons why network marketers fail in the masses. This is one of the “12 Success Factors”… the checklist that many top industry leaders have used to decide if a company can fulfill on the promise of lifelong residual income.

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