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Herbalife is a nutrition company, that also sells weight-loss and skincare products.  TheHerbalife products are distributed in 81 countries through a multi-level marketing structure, which is made up of approximately 2.1 million independent distributors.

Herbalife Products – Herbalife Weight Loss

Herbalife-ProductsSome of Herbalife’s top selling products fall under the Herbalife Weight Loss products.  Herbalife’s number one selling product is it’s Formula 1 protein meal replacement shake, and it was also one of the companies first products ever sold.  Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix acts as a meal replacement for weight loss and weight maintenance.

Since Herbalife uses a multi-level marketing structure to deliver their products to the marketplace, the Herbalife products tend to be on the expensive side when you compare them to similar products you would buy at the regular retail stores.  Not taking anything away from the products quality or performance, but price is a key factor when it comes to customers staying on products long term.  Since there are multi-levels of distribution, by the time the end-line consumer gets the products, they are more in price than products you would find at a GNC or a Vitamin Shoppe type store.

Energy & Fitness Line & Personal Care Products

Some of the other Herbalife products are the Liftoff Energy Drink, Formula 2 Multivitamin, and the Formula 3 Cell Activator.  These products are designed to help people stay alert and focused, reduce fatigue and increase energy, and build and enhance muscle recovery.

Another line of  the their products are the personal care and anti-aging type products.  These products are designed to leave you looking and feeling your best.  The one big challenge with this line of products, just like the Herbalife weight loss products, they tend to be very expensive.  Again, this has to do with the distribution model of the multi-level marketing structure.  After talking to Herbalife distributors when we created our full Herbalife Review video, the pricing of the products seem to be a popular hurdle among the majority of them.

In Closing

The Herbalife products are exceptional, and people have received some really good results, it’s just that many people don’t stay ordering the products long term consistently .  This makes it very difficult for the average Herbalife distributor to be successful within the Herbalife Compensation Plan.  They’re given expensive products to take out to the marketplace to compete with lower priced products at the retail stores.

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